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Stop putting up with second best and feeling frustrated in life.
It's time to be a real man. To discover your true powers.
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Create Your Best Life Ever

Team Super Dad Equips You To Succeed And Be Happy

A Community Of Dads


Dads are busy. We juggle our work, our family and our own life. It can feel lonely, especially when we face challenges.
It doesn't need to be.

New Friends & Fun

Team Super Dad is about Dads working together, creating success and having fun doing it. It's about your happiness and being the best Dad possible. You are not alone. You're on Team Super Dad.

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Expert Training


Dads want to create success in all areas of life. The challenge is knowing what book, course or coach to choose.
Not any more.

Knowledge & Support

With the right knowledge and support you can achieve anything. Team Super Dad makes this easy with experts and coaches in the key areas of your life who unleash your super powers.

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Challenges & Growth


Dads want to feel fit, focused and successful. Instead we feel worn out, over worked and under sexed. It doesn't seem fair.
Happiness starts here.

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In Team Super Dad you reconnect with who you are and what you want. We work together and celebrate wins. It's about finally creating what you want for your family, your business and yourself.

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Simple Steps to Dad Success

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Team Super Dad is for busy business owning Dads. Married or separated, we share a desire to create a better version of ourselves and experience our best life ever.

No more frustration or accepting second best. No more struggle about what to do next.

It is time to discover your super powers, feel like a real man and take back your life. 

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Results From Team Super Dad

Hear what these Dads say
Team Super Dad Martin Testimonial

"Working with Jonnie gave me strength and confidence. I've made better decisions and I'm back on track way quicker than I could have done on my own. I have a better routine and adjustments to my lifestyle mean I am feeling better than ever. I really enjoy the banter with other Dads and feeling like I am not on my own."

Martin Millen
Super Dad
Team Super Dad Paul Testimonial

"My family breakup is the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. Jonnie has helped me to accept the situation, provide a safe and structured environment for my children, and see that my future is mine to make. I am more confident and positive than I would have been without the support that I have received. I am in touch with many others in my situation and will continue to take advantage of the social elements of Team Super Dad. Life is fun again for me and for my kids."

Paul Pizzey
Super Dad
Team Super Dad Chris Testimonial

"I wanted to take back control of my life and make sure my kids were happy. Jonnie helped me take a new perspective on the situation. I deal with the ex better and have more fun with my kids than ever before. I'm excited about my future at last."

Chris Errington
Super Dad
Team Super Dad - Marc Testimonial

"Jonnie and his Team Super Dad coaching was a huge boost to me. I was able to gain clarity in a number of areas and achieve results I could not have had on my own. Our work has been fun and brought such a weight of my shoulders. It feels like I have know him for years!"

Mark Checkley
Super Dad

— My Vision For Myself And You

I wanted more from life and I couldn't do it on my own.

If you are reading this then you want more from life. I did. I worked hard on my business. I wanted our marriage to work. To be present for my kids and enjoy time with them. I wanted the holidays, the house and fun.  I needed to feel like a man. To be appreciated and be the best Dad possible. So why was it so bloody hard? 

It’s September 2016. I’m climbing Austria’s tallest mountain in a blizzard. All I keep asking myself is “how am I going to fix this?”. Fed up with the lonely struggle Team Super Dad was born. A place for Dads to reconnect with their vision for life, to equip them with the skills to make it happen and the friends to enjoy the journey with. I’m excited to be on this mission with you.

Jonnie "Team Super Dad" Jensen

Jonnie-Jensen-Team Super Dad founder
Years of

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