For Dads who want more

Team Super Dad is for Dads who want more from life.
To be more, make more and play more.

Join the community for Dads who are ready to kick-start their life.

My name is Jonnie Jensen. Through good times and bad times I realised I wanted more.  To feel my worth, to achieve my dreams and to have more fun.  Whether you’re a business owner, a single parent, a frustrated husband or you just want to take your Dad life to the next level, then this is the team for you.

You’re not alone. Your on Team Super Dad.

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You work hard. You have things you want. It is time to make them happen.


Get sweaty and healthy so you can keep up with your kids and feel good about your body.


Be ready for each stage and the changes it brings. Create the time, love and routine that your kids need.

Team Super Dad is a life accelerator for Dads. With motivation from coaches and new friends it is time to create the life you deserve. More time, more money and more fun with our children, partners and friends. 
Read about my journey and the creation of Team Super Dad.

Jonnie Jensen Super Dad Coach - Team Super Dad


Create daily habits that power you to success in the areas that matter to you. Get more done and reduce your stress levels.


Take control of your money, so you can build for your future and have more holidays.


Get out and about. Do more, meet new people and see old friends. It is time to increase the joy in your life and laugh every day.

Family - Jonnie Jensen Dad Coach



From 7 Day Challenges to joining the Hero Academy the same F5 elements are at the core of all we do. They are also the core of your happiness and success. 

The F5 – focus, fitness, finances, family and fun.

You can be the greatest business man with more money than you need yet still struggle at home. You can be a fitness nutter who still out runs his kids yet can’t afford to take them on holiday. 

That is not the life you deserve. It is time to have it all. 

Team Super Dad is about equipping Dads to have the life they desire. Wherever you are at you can have more. Join the community and our next challenge now.


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