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Team Super Dad is for Dads who want more from life.
To be more, make more and play more.

Join the community for Dads who are ready to kick-start their life.

My name is Jonnie Jensen. Through good times and bad times I realised I wanted more.  To feel my worth, to achieve my dreams and to have more fun.  Whether you’re a business owner, a single parent, a frustrated husband or you just want to hang out with Dads who are on a mission, then this is the place for you.

Take your life to the next level.
You’re not alone. Your on Team Super Dad.


Being A Super Dad Is About Taking Control Of Your Life


Wake up with energy and a positive attitude. Learn how to feel good in mind and body.


Create the time, love and routine that your kids need. You can be a Super Dad.​

Jonnie Jensen Super Dad Coach - Team Super Dad

I work with Dads to rebuild their life, enjoy their children and have more fun. Read about my journey and the creation of Team Super Dad.


Take control of your money, do work you love and build for your future.


Rediscover your confidence, laugh with friends and fall in love again. You can have it all.

Family - Jonnie Jensen Dad Coach

Getting your life back on track after divorce, separation or loss can be hard. It took me 4 years! I made lots of mistakes. I was frightened, lonely and angry. Then one day whilst climbing a mountain I realised the pain had left me ready to help other Dads and their children avoid those mistakes. The Team Super Dad REBUILD Programme will give you the confidence and clarity to move your life forward. 

Be your best for you and your children. Start your REBUILD today.


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