What kind of relationship are you expecting to find? You might be saying you want something wonderful but if subconsciously you are expecting it to turn out bad or not even get passed her agreeing to a date, then you are sabotaging any chance of that relationship happening.


Mindset seems to come up around most subjects these days. If I am honest then I know that my mindset about relationships has been out of whack since I was a teenager. Either asking the wrong person out, staying in a bad relationship or desperately falling in love and swamping her. Fair to say there were some common traits that needed working on.


Dominey Drew is a dating and mindset coach. In this laid back conversation, we discuss the common concerns and mistakes that men make in their relationship or whilst searching for a new one.


The real eye-opener is realising that the challenges we experience in dating and relationships will be showing up in other areas of our life also.


The good news is you can bring about massive change by transforming who you are being. Could you be fearless? Could you be light? What could you be that would result in an awesome conversation no matter who she was or how attractive she was?


Turns out most women would love a pleasant and well-placed compliment. Or shall we say at least, not weird and awkward? What is the worst that could happen anyway?!


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