Can Nootropics Make You Superhuman – podcast with David Tomen

What are nootropics and can they make you superhuman? The answer seems to be Yes.

Performance enhancing drugs are something we normally hear about because of sports. Party drugs like ecstasy, amphetamine and cocaine are something that many of us will have tried, especially if you are around 45 and enjoyed rave and club culture during the 1990’s.

What they all have in common is that they create a chemical reaction in our body to help us achieve increased performance or experiences.

Nootropics are supplements based on food and naturally occurring substances. Whilst they cant perhaps create quite the highs of recreational drugs they can certainly be used to enhance how you perform. With a bit of research and understanding you can improve literally any area of your life – work, sex, concentration, energy, memory, vision.

Who better to speak to and learn more about nootropics than World renowned expert David Tomen.

I was so excited when he accepted my invitation to come on the Team Super Dad podcast. Through his website, his YouTube channel and his books he is literally the go to man for all things nootropics. He is also not surprisingly a great guy. After experiencing divorce as a younger man, David met his wife whilst walking on the beach. 14 years later he is Step-Dad to a son and daughter and recently a Grandfather.

Nootropics is not an easy subject to understand. It is literally full of jargon and terms you will not understand. I do my best to keep the conversation on the level though and focus on the benefits. If you can see how taking the right ‘stack’ (mix of supplements) will improve your life then you are more likely to put the work in to understanding exactly what you should be taking.

As David points out, buying a nootropic of shelf is unlikely to give you the optimum results. You need to do an audit of yourself and then build the ideal mixture of nootropics from a reputable company.

Take the Pepsi Challenge and you will experience the difference. I love a Pulp Fiction reference!!

This is an important subject for all Dads though. What we are talking about is supplementing your diet to improve the nutrients that you are getting. These are essential chemicals for our body which, as David points out, we are no longer getting from our food which is being grown on over farmed land and processed to within an inch of its nutritional value.

I am on this journey with you. I realise in the conversation that I am going to have to bin my Complete Nootropic which I bought off the shelf from my favourite sports supplement provider, BulkPowders. That is not to say it is a bad product but I just realise now that I need to tailor what my body needs. You learn all about this in my conversation with nootropics expert David Tomen.

David’s website includes a ton of free reviews and guides to help us on this journey. We also discucessed him doing a Q&A for the Team Super Dad community. So lets get wise. I’m going to be working out what can help me with concentration, decision making and vision. If it can help me get a girlfriend then even better!!

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Mentioned during this episode:

Performance Labs – recomended nootropic supplier

BulkPowders – recomended sports supplement supplier

HeadFirst – essential nootropic book

Secrets of the Optimized Brain – free introduction to nootropics

Connect with David Tomen: (website)

Nootropics Guide (website)

Nootropics Expert on YouTube (video)

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