When you follow your inner purpose it can transform your enjoyment of life. Finding out what that is though can be tough. If you have you have ever wondered if you were doing the right job or knew there was a dream career you had not followed then you probably are ignoring that inner purpose.  Many of us have that nagging feeling but fail to do something about it. Not Nic Askew.

This conversation is with a great man I have known since the early 2000’s.  At the time I met Nic he had just done his first video interview with family friend and Olympian Roger Black.  He’d decided to quit his job and do more videos. That was the only plan. He had no idea where it was going to take him.

Baring in mind this was pre-YouTube it was a pretty far-out idea.

Find Your Inner Purpose

After adventures in the Amazon and the Congo, Nic found himself not only back in London but the MD of a business that he knew he should not be in charge of.

These are defining moments. In the stress and concern of what to do we may not always notice what our instincts are telling us.  Nic however has always found himself in tune with his inner voice and an awareness for what his surroundings are telling him.

Pick Up Your Camera Nic

You might think that a film producer that has now worked all over the World and is renowned for his unique style would have some kind of film making background. This was not the case with Nic.

Frustrated and concerned about his high powered job Nic felt – or heard – a compelling voice telling him to pick up a camera and start filming. Never could he had known what it would lead to.

Many Dads have such ideas and hear such messages but never follow them through. With financial responsibilities and families to look after it is not a surprise. The problem with not following your heart though is that mentally and physically the stress of wondering endlessly if you should have gone for it is as risky as actually doing it.

Create The Life Your Desire

We get one life. Our happiness is our choice. In my life I know there have been moments where I avoided making a choice – moving to Chicago and qualifying as a personal trainer are two that come to mind.

“Don’t die with your music inside you”

That doesn’t mean it is an easy decision. Doing it with the right advice and support is your best chance of success. Also sometimes a little push is all you needed. Success and happiness are always on the other side of a decision.

Get yourself into Team Super Dad and get all of this and more. It is why we are here.

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