Focus creates success. Whether you are focused on something small, like pouring a drink, or training to be a Doctor, without focus you are not going to succeed. Why then do so many people struggle with focus?

And if you don’t believe that intro, try pouring yourself a drink with your eyes closed!

Why Dads Want More Focus

When Dads join the Team Super Dad community I ask them which of the F5 – Focus, Fitness, Finances, Family and Fun – are the biggest challenge for them right now. It is amazing how many choose Focus. Perhaps they realise this is what is holding them back in all areas or maybe it’s just the easy answer to choose. I believe most Dads 35-50 have by now realised that with more focus they could have achieved more of what they wanted.

It’s never too late. The 2nd best day to plant an oak tree is today

Glenn Lundy is an awesome illustration of what focus can achieve. From homeless and suicidal on the beach of San Diego to one of the most successful car dealers in American history, Glenn has, through incredible levels of self-awareness and perseverance, created the life he desired and moved away from the life he felt stuck in.

Focus Creates Success

Focus creates momentum. It is not about huge efforts all in one go. It is about consistency and staying on the path. We can all be guilty of starting something and then feeling like it wasn’t working and jumping to something else.


The number of courses and tools and training programmes I have bought before finishing or mastering the previous ones. Why do that? Does it sound familiar? It is fear. Fear that we do not know enough or that we need a little more help before we can achieve what we want.

This is not the answer. The answer is in starting and seeing things through.

The power in achieving breakthroughs in one area of life is that they lead to breakthroughs in all areas of life. 



focus creates success Glenn Lundy

Have a look at some of the achievements Glenn has achieved:

  • Glenn has 7 children with number 8 on the way.
  • He now has a business that coaches and mentors car dealerships and franchises across the USA.
  • His #RiseAndGrind Facebook Live show which goes out daily at 5.30am has just hit 762 consecutive days and over 2 million views.
  • Rise And Grind has grown into multiple products, events and communities – including his own coffee!
  • In demand public speaker; share the stage with Eric Thomas and friends with Grant Cardone.

Most of all Glenn’s momentum has moved him from supporting his own family to transforming the lives of people all around the World.

What Can Focus Create For You

Glenn and I could have spoken for hours and I look forward to having him back inside the Hero Academy to offer some training for our Dads. One of the most powerful messages I took from our conversation is Glenn’s willingness to test himself and trust that the results will come.

Ask yourself what kind of personal commitment it takes to do a live stream every day for 762+ days?

Last year Glenn decided to drink only water because he realised he was drinking too many unhealthy drinks. Only water for 365 days!

It is not about the achievement it is about what we learn about ourselves along the way. If you can give something up or stick to something you said you would do, imagine what that teaches you about yourself? It gives you a new level of personal power and self-respect. We do not consider this in everyday life, yet we do carry around the guilt of not sticking to what we said we would do.

Putting weight back on? Hitting the snooze button, then running around the house like a stressed out loon and getting your kids late to school? I could go on. I think you get the point.

It is about the decisions you make on daily basis and creating positive momentum.

Focus creates success. It is true!

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