How To Meditate Easily

Tonight’s Expert Hangout is about meditation. Now I don’t mean like cross legged all woo-woo on a retreat. I mean like starting your day powerfully, getting clear on what you want to achieve and blowing the doors off. Meditation is about letting you mind do some conscious filling and allowing your intuition to throw up the ideas and solutions to problems.


Joining me on the Expert Hangout tonight are two awesome guys with a deep level of practical advice and chat from their experiences in practising and leading others in meditation.


Tj Power – Linkedin Profile

Richard Flewitt – LinkedIn Profile


You will learn about:


  • what is meditation
  • the benefits of meditation
  • how meditation helps you lead your business
  • how meditation helps you be an awesome Dad
  • mindfulness
  • guided meditation
  • deep breathing
  • meditation app – Insight Timer


It’s about being your best self.

It is easy and free.

You have nothing to lose!




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