How To Use The Power Of Your Network with Andy Lopata

How many contacts do you have and what do they do for you? This is a good question to ask yourself. By the time we reach out 40’s most of us should have at least 1,000 contacts in our email and phone list. If you stayed in contact with them and you did each other favours that is a lot of people on your side helping out.

But few of us actually maintain our network, let alone benefit from it.

Stay connected

Seems crazy in a World of digital communication and social media that we would be talking about how to stay connected. The reality is though that many of us do not keep in contact with people from our past. Blimey, some of us barely speak to the important people in our lives right now!

It is important though. Whether it is an email, phone call, birthday or anniversary message, or even a good old Christmas card, the value of staying connected to people will constantly reward you.

Of course it takes some effort but it soon becomes a routine. A few minutes each day on social media, a personal text message or phone call on their birthday. People appreciate it and the more you do it the more normal it becomes.

Many of my friends know that I stay in contact with lots of randoms from the past. Bizarely they ask me how those people are rather than call them themselves. That’s ok though. I get to be the person others come to.

Be of service

When you are interested in other people they cannot but help be interested in you. Well….most of them!

It’s basic conversation. It goes back and forth; when you ask “How are you?” they ask you back. Don’t then jump straight into what you are doing and what you want. It doesn’t work.

You need to ask how they are, ask what they are working on, and ask if there is anything you can do to help them with that.

This goes for networking also. If you want to be effective at networking events then these are the three questions to constantly repeat. It also gives you the perfect out if you get stuck talking to someone for too long “well thanks for sharing about your latest project. I’ll get back to you with some introductions.”

Do not be afraid to ask

Your contacts are generally going to be happy to hear from you. Think how you would feel if you heard from them. Would you ignore them or find it weird? I doubt it.

The same goes if they ask you a favour. If it is something simple like some introductions or agreeing to share a social media post, then that is a very easy. You would do it for them.

Most importantly when you need something more from someone then you have the power of your network to turn to. Whether it is advice, support or involvement in a project, the power of a connected network is never going to be a bad thing.

Reach out to your network. Update your contacts and stay connected.

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