Welcome to Season 2 of the Team Super Dad podcast. I have news that I wanted to kick this season off with. It is also partly why there has been quite a gap since the last episode. Team Super Dad is now very much for all Dads who are looking to supercharge their life.

Team Super Dad is a podcast for Dads who want more – to be more, make more and play more. My name is Jonnie Jensen and I created Team Super Dad after my own life experiences left me demanding “I want more from life than this!”. There is no Dad manual but there are successful Dads we can learn from. To shortcut our success, avoid mistakes and have more fun. 

When I launched Team Super Dad in 2019 my focus was on single Dads. I’d just come out of court for the second time fighting for an equal share of time to parent my children. I got the right result and it was time to kick-start my life and move away from that chapter. I wanted to bring other Dads forward on that journey with me. Two problems came up though. Dads who were not single felt excluded. Good friends of mine still in their marriage did not get involved. And that was not what I wanted.

The other challenge that came up for me was just how toxic the whole single Dad / single Mum / single parent world is. Polarised opinions and people fighting ex-partners or quite frankly, themselves. That is not my intention for Team Super Dad either.

Team Super Dad supercharges Dads to live their best life ever. To be more, make more and play more. We do this through the F5 – Focus, Fitness, Finance, Family and Fun.

I want this to be an awesome, energised group. I want us to connect with like minded women. I want us to excel in our lives. To make new friends. To create memories. To laugh and live our best lives ever.

Welcome to Team Super Dad. It is great to have you aboard.

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