Mastering Success And Happiness – podcast with George McGerhin

Are you a Dad who wants to turn his life around? Perhaps lose weight, start a business and make loads of money? Well that was George McGherhin and he is now a millionaire, he works around 10hrs per week and runs ultra-marathons! A simply awesome interview with George McGerhin. Probably my most enjoyable interview. Such an inspiration and also a lot of fun.


Living around 5 miles outside of New York City, George runs two super successful companies in the recruitment sector. His team effortlessly arranged our interview and he has them so well set up that he has just a couple of people reporting in to him who then manage down. Happily married with two young children, similar in age to my Jago and Rosie, George has his life set up such that he spends August in Peru each year.


Oh, and he runs the odd ultra marathon just for kicks. That’s about normally about 60 to 80 miles. Not bad for a guy that was once 23 stone (133kg)!


So what does that kind of success take? Where did his motivation come from and how does he keep going?


Not surprisingly, it has not all been plain sailing.


We could have talked for hours and no doubt George will be back on to share more. We have also promised to grab a beer together next time he is in London.


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