Is a stress free Christmas possible? Of course it is and you deserve to make it happen. Christmas really is a happy time of year. The important thing do is to enjoy it.

Between money, family and managing expectations people can get really wound up about Christmas. I do understand but that doesn’t change the fact that we can all enjoy a stress-free Christmas. It just takes a little bit more planning. 

I’m not sitting here without any memories of Christmas plans gone wrong but throughout my life Christmas has been something our family have enjoyed. Whether on holiday, with family, lots of money or no money, my memories of Christmas are all pretty good.

I know this is not the same for everyone. Decide though from now on that you are going to be a family that has a great, fun filled, stress free Christmas. 

Stress Free Christmas planning

Are you a Dad that gets fully involved or does the Mum take charge? If you are single then you have no choice. Either way, the more planning you put in at the start the more fun you have on the day or better, multiple days.

Enjoy a stress free Christmas this year - Team Super Dad

You need to get on top of it all. This gives you the best chance of a stress-free Christmas. It means you do not overspend. It might mean less arguments with your partner about who you are seeing when. And most importantly will mean you have as much fun as possible. 

Yes. Even now!

My Stress Free Christmas Checklist

1. Make a present list so you know what you have bought and spent 

  • Keep priming your kids for suggestions
  • Keep priming wife or girlfriend for suggestions

2. Buy presents ASAP. Whatever it takes. Get it online and delivered. 

  • Don’t be that idiot that leaves it late.
  • Buy from some smaller independent stores if you can. They do have websites.

3. Call friends and family to make some plans.

  • You can make it what you want it to be
  • You do not have to see only family
  • Be generous with your time
  • Do not be over-generous with your time

4. Make a food and booze list – start to buy it

  • If you do not normally get involved in this then start now.
  • The Christmas magazines are actually quite useful for this

5. Pre-prep as much as possible

  • Chop veg and bake ahead
  • Ask guests to bring items
  • Do test runs on things you have not cooked before

6. Make a timetable and help each other out

  • Be a team – this ain’t 1965
  • Set a timetable for your day

7. Have fun – don’t sweat the small stuff

  • Wrong sizes. No batteries. Grumpy kids. Just roll with it. Bring love and laughter to the day.
  • Say thank you and laugh – not f-you and cry.

Enjoy Christmas 

Sounds pretty basic – well some of it.

Too many Dads utterly balls this up though. They stress, ignore and avoid the subject.

That could be due to finances. It could be because you just hate the subject.

Christmas is a time for family and fun. If you can be with family then make it fun. Even if others are grumpy or late you can still be jolly.

Some Dads are apart from their children. I will be this year as the ex and I rotate Christmas and New Year. 

It doesn’t matter. Do whatever it takes to have some level of fun and enjoyment. Speak to friends. Invite others over. It doesn’t have to be about money. Make it about fun.

What Can I Do For You This Christmas?

Ask your partner or kids what you could do for them that would make this Christmas even better. They may look at you like you have gone mad but ask and then do what you can to make it happen. 

If you are struggling in your relationship or facing Christmas alone then get in action. What would it take to make this Christmas better than you expect?

Make a list of friends and family and start calling them. Post in the Team Super Dad Facebook group and ask for ideas. If you do not ask then you do not get.

If everything in your family is good, then follow the list above and get it all handled so you really can enjoy it stress-free.

If times are tough then see what you can be responsible for. Ask someone you trust to come and chat with you and your partner. Recall times you had fun at Christmas together. Tell each other what you are grateful for you about the other. Then come up with up some plans to make this Christmas the kickstart to a great 2021.

If you need more input and support then jump on The Dad Call – our free mens group video call on a Monday night.

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