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The amazing benefits of journaling. I’ve been encoruaged to journal for many years but haven’t. I’ve started numerous times but I found it hard to stick with it. Like any habit you need a compelling reason to motivate you and I never really had one. This was the motivation for this Team Super Dad “Expert Hangout”. To find out what journaling really is, how to do and how to make it stick long term.

Joining me were Moyra Mackie, Dale Darley and surprise guest Andrew Priestley.

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Dale and Moyra are both writers and journaling coaches who support people and businesses in the power of journaling.

Andrew is an amazing business coach who I know from the Key Person of Influence alumni. When I heard he had journaled since 1976 I just had to get him involved. Amazing!

I’m not really sure I understood what I was trying to get out of journaling nor how it was going to benefit me. This was why I never made it stick as a daily habit. What value is there in scribbling down what we did each day? It can seem rather pointless or at least less important than all the other things I have got to do in my Dad Life.

That is where I was wrong.

Journaling is a positive workout for your mind and heart. As I have come to learn it is not about simply keeping a track of what you did that day. It is far more than that. Your journal is a log of your thoughts, experiences and ideas. It can be words, pictures, drawings. It is whatever you feel compelled to get down for that day. It is a flowing physical and mental process that works your mind as a muscle.

This is where the power lies.

In our busy lives we do not commonly take enough time to wind down, relax and just be. We think this time is wasted and that we have better things to do. Like so many ‘go slow’ actions though the value is in allowing our mind and emotions to catch up, to process all that has been happening and come up with the ideal next steps.

In many ways journaling is a form of meditation. What’s more it gives you the opportunity to reflect and learn from what has been happening to you. Andrew tells us how he has been journaling since 1976. This has given him huge scope to explore, develop and broaden ideas in his family, work and personal life.

Our brain is an incredibly powerful machine and we have to remember to give it time to recharge. The magic is in whats available to us from that recharge.

I’ve stated journaling on a daily basis and put myself on a 90-Day Challenge to not miss a day.

I hope based on this Expert Hangout you start journaling to.

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