In countries across the world children of seperated parents are finding their access to one parent restricted. The impact of this is horrific on families, on communities and on future generations. The fight is global. Commonly it affects Dads more than Mums but be under no illusion that women to are fighting for access to their children.

Alan Donavon and I met on Instagram. You can follow him at Fathers Lives Matter (@FathersLivesMatter). He is leading the cause in America but his message is global. He is also a great guy to hang out and chat with.

Thankfully in some forward thinking countries the subject is transforming. Countries like Sweden and Belgium are leading the way…

“Belgian law makes no distinction between father and mother, who are granted exactly the same rights and the same importance.”

In a world where equality is rightly faught for by women, it is bizarrely out of touch that in cases of families separating the idea of equal rights goes out of the window.

Good men and women must listen to this and make it socially unacceptable for the rights of separated parents to different based on gender.

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