The Mistakes Men Make In Relationships with Matt Albiges

Keeping a relationship alive has got to be one of the biggest commitments any man can make. No surprise then that it is one of the hardest challenges of modern day living.

Matt Albiges is a relationship coach for men. In ‘Man Over Matter’ he works one on one with men are ready to transform their relationships and their life. For couples who are determined to create a relationship that lasts Matt also has an awesome programme which he delivers with his wife.

Not surprising then that Matt and I hit it off the moment we first chatted.

Planning for relationship success

Creating a relationship that lasts is very much about appreciating it will change. Circumstances will change. People will change. Children come along. Goals shift. There really is so many moving parts that we have evolve with it. The problems come when we do not plan for and appreciate those changes.

Having a blueprint for your relationship is a powerful way to come together, plan goals and see if you are on and off track. This might sound a bit serious and very unspontaneous to some but it simply makes sense. We have to be honest about what we want and how things are going. Are you getting your needs met? Are you ok with each others focus? Are you holding on to ever growing resentment?

For many of us we can see what is going wrong. We just do not know how to fix it. A blueprint – an shared vision – at least creates the space for honest and open communication.

Do not make your relationship your whole life

The other key element for any man in a relationship is not to allow the relationship to become the only focus in his life. You have to make time for yourself so you can be a better partner. It is vital to have a life of your own. I look at this as the buckets of your life. If any of those buckets are running empty then it will impact all other areas. For your own self worth you need time with your friends, you need a decent level of fitness and you need some down time to re-energise.

Of course make sure you partner does to.

This episode of the Team Super Dad podcast is a very positive and useful cheat sheet for your relationship – or even future relationship.

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