The Team Super Dad Wrap Up #10

Recapping on your week is as important as planning your week. Just a little reflection to celebrate the good bits and not get hung up on the rest. As I recorded this I was ready to go out for the evening with an awesome women I’ve recently been introduced to. Now that is something to celebrate!

Another week goes into the can. Freakishly quick but at least the sun is shining.

Tonight’s run down…

  • Boys football back
  • Fantasy Football
  • Daughter vetting prospective date
  • Team Super Dad monthly development
  • Monthly Hero Academy
  • Sales training
  • Podcasting developments
  • Old mate visiting – cafe, social housing
  • Fitness and body pain
  • Under skirt shorts debate

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My name is Jonnie Jensen and I created Team Super Dad after my own life experiences left me demanding “I want more from life than this!”. There is no Dad manual but there are successful Dads we can learn from. To shortcut our success, avoid mistakes and have more fun. 

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