It’s that time of the week. And this is Ne ne ne na 19….19th Wrap Up!

Little Paul Hardcastle pop reference there for all you 90’s Dads!

In a week when a bunch of famous people have died I have pondered legacy. Of course others have sadly passed too but Ray Clemence and Diego Maradona are two footballers that were part of my life. On one level they were just doing the job they chose and being good guys to the people around them – as the tributes pay testimony to.

On another level they excelled beyond what many of us will achieve and touched the lives of people all around the world. People with such talents have tenacity and determination. More than anything they follow their dreams.

You don’t have to be great to start. You have to start to be great.

What kind of legacy are you creating?

This week:

– my boys exam results are in

– wearing the right colours on dates

– planning my work and working my plan

– legacy and the hand of God

– the night I met Ray Clemence

– Thanks Giving and missing family around the world

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