Have you ever hitchiked across America? Or drank champagne at the peak of China’s highest mountain? Or feared for your life meeting nomadic tribe leaders? What about bullfighting?! On this episode of the Team Super Dad podcast I chat with Anthony Willougby who has done all those and many more crazy things since he bought a one-way ticket on the Trans-Siberian Express train when he was 22..


Find adventures in your life


Life is for living and it is our responsibility to squeeze all the juice out before we die. Along the way we will pick up friends and learn many things that we would not otherwise have found out. There is much of the World I am still to see and it is looking like I will be doing that in my retirement. Which actually sounds like quite a lot of fun. Fear, experiencing new things and getting out of our comfort zone are a vital part of being the man you want to be. Let alone teaching your children to live with the same sense of adventure.


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