Women face unwanted harassment and sexual abuse on a regular basis. This is difficult for many men to hear. What we have seen recently in those men responding #notallmen. I was one of them. Partly outraged for all good men but also partly defending myself I felt that was ‘not fair’.


When I saw how many women were crying out ‘enough’ I decided to consider the other point of view. What if I was wrong and now I was ignoring the message? It took me back to my enquiry around Black Lives Matters. I wanted then to know from black people what it was like. Not random people, actual friends of mine. People I knew and valued personally.


Now it was time to ask women those same kinds of questions. I decided it was time to find out what women really want men to know about abuse and sexual harassment.


This powerful conversation should be listened to by all men. It should be shared and discussed between groups of friends. As a bloke who likes a lot of banter and enjoys seeing, meeting, talking to women, this was a levelling conversation that really made me think differently. I don’t believe this is about becoming boring, overly PC and not prepared to find the fun in everyday situations.


It is though about what’s acceptable and decent. It is about women being able to go about their lives with the same freedom and absence of fear that men are able to.


If it’s not ok about race then it should not be ok between genders.


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