What Would Your Super Hero Dad Say About You?

What does your super hero Dad say about you? When you think about super hero stories there is always a battle between the man in the suit and the man on the street.

Not weak, confused and lost.

Instead confident, adventurous and on a mission.

My mission in Team Super Dad is for you to be both those people.

We all have a vision of where we want to get to.

The challenge is not making it happen.

The challenge is who you need to be to make it happen.

Have a look in the mirror. How far off are you having the life you want or truly being the Dad you want to be?

With the right system and encouragement you can be Tony Stark and Iron Man.

You can be the Super Dad you want to be, with the Super Dad life you want to create.

Team Super Dad

Team Super Dad supercharges Dads to live their best life ever. To be more, make more and play more. We do this through the Hero Academy – Focus, Fitness, Finance, Family and Fun.

My name is Jonnie Jensen and I created Team Super Dad after my own life experiences left me demanding “I want more from life than this!”. There is no Dad manual but there are successful Dads we can learn from. To shortcut our success, avoid mistakes and have more fun. 

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