Laughing is probably the greatest gift we have as humans. Free will and adaptability are handy. Sure an orgasm is nice but you can’t you do it in Tescos. Laughter can happen in an instant and no matter how you are feeling at the time it is programmed to bring you joy. It literally creates happy chemicals in your body.   It is why Fun is one of the core values of Team Super Dad and why I am chatting with Pete Cann the Laughter Man today.  

You Can Laugh At Any Time

  You can turn on laughter at any time. You can also do it on your own or with others, It is infectious and brings joy to others. My dad loves to remind me that no matter how tough things get the most important thing to do is to keep having fun. In this episode of the Team Super Dad Pete I chatted with Pete about creating laughter and what it does for you.   Few people stop to consider that laughter can be turned on at any time. Our wonderful imagination can remind us of something funny or you can simply generate it. Pete and I do a couple of his laughter exercises in the pod which you can join along with.  

Laughing Is Actually Exercise

  In a world where depression and mental health is thankfully now openly talked about, laughter is a positive action that anyone can take. Not only does it produce positive endorphines and other feel good chemicals in your brain but it is actually also a form of exercise. It raises your heart rate and has you breath in more air.   It is crazy therefore that we do not all take a moment or two each day to have a good chuckle to ourselves. Ideally out loud.  

Laugh With The People You Love

  Family life can be taxing – we all know that. Laughter can break through those day to day stresses and build (or rebuild) closer connections to the ones we love. It is impossible to argue and laugh at the same time. It is impossible to stay angry at someone and laugh with them at the same time.   In all these ways do the best for your family and loved ones by laughing together regularly.   Laughter really is the free gift we should never forget to use.   You can watch these episodes Live or the video replays on YouTube or in the Facebook Group. Of course if you have not already then subscribe to the Team Super Dad podcast now.   Enjoy the podcast and be sure to leave a review on Apple Podcasts.    

Team Super Dad

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