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Watched the Belushi documentary this week. Through my love of the Blues Brothers, he and Dan Akroyd have always had a place in my heart. It also is part of my love of comedy. In particular 70 and 80’s comedians.

Interesting contrast then later in the week as watched a few episodes of “Comedians in cars getting coffee” with Jerry Seinfeld. Left me wondering if the wild characters of previous generations will ever be able to happen again.

This week in The Wrap Up…

“I’d rather be an anarchist than a professional” – John Belushi

Dating – entering the friend zone

Following through – July to December

The Dad Call – mensgroup on Zoom

Belushi – flawed genius vs Sienfeld – modern genius

Best Year Ever – 5-Day Challenge

Udemy – training

Imposter syndrome – is it real

Covid vaccines and conspiracy theories

Don’t sweat the small stuff


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