Get the tools to Create Focus in your life so that you can achieve more each day, increase your self-belief and move towards your goals successfully.

Living a life you have designed with focus, confidence and clarity.

November 14-21st 2020

Live event via our Facebook Group.
Attend from anywhere in the World.

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Free 7 Day Challenge

This challenge is a gift to you from Team Super Dad. An opportunity to unlock an important part of your Dad life.

Video Training

Each day a new element of training will be provided to you via our Facebook Group. Watch live or on replay.

Meet Other Dads

Connecting and working with other men is an essential way to boost your confidence and masculinity.

Without Focus You Have Nothing

When Dads join Team Super Dad an area of life they consistently want help with is FOCUS. Without focus you cannot achieve anything. 

With focus you can wake up confident about the day ahead. You can get more done. You can increase the amount of time you have to spend at home. With focus you can be more successful and feel great about yourself. 

Hell, with focus you are going to be way more desirable.

Focus is about two things. First of all, you need to manage your mind. Then second you need to manage the situation. Learn how to master both these in the Create Focus Challenge.

Join the Create Focus Challenge

November 14-21st 2020

Get the guidance, support and motivation to create FOCUS in your life.

  • 7 Day Free coaching
  • Private Facebook Group for video training
  • Community of like minded Dads like you 
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