The Dad CALL

CHAT, LAUGH, Feel Supported


Weekly Video Meeting for Dads

Weekly Video Meet Up for Dads

Live event via Zoom video. 
Attend from anywhere in the World.

You might think a men’s group wouldn’t work because we don’t talk.

But it does. We chat, we laugh, we listen and we solve problems.

More than ever Dads are under pressure to juggle their family, their work and their own sanity. It’s a crazy time. Or at least crazier than normal. 

If you don’t talk you will break. 

Be on The Dad Call...

The Dad Call

A Safe Place For Men To Check In

2hr Weekly Video Call

It's simple. We meet on Zoom each Monday night. We chat, we laugh, we solve problems.

Drop In. Drop Out.

You don't have to come every week. You will probably want to though. Easy

Feel Great

The Dad Call is a conversation for all Dads. It's a safe space that leaves you feeling happier.

Men have been meeting and working in groups for as long as we’ve walked the earth.
From hunting, to building. From playing sport to laughing and drinking. We actually do it really well. 

The thing we don’t do very well is have REAL CONVERSATION. 

How many times have you answered how are you doing with “I’m fine”.
When what you were really thinking was “I really don’t know much longer I can keep going”.

On The Dad Call every conversation is welcome.
We check in. We hear what everyone has been up to. And you get to say what you need.

Men are not that good at asking for help. Neither are we that good at celebrating our achievements.

Inside of The Dad Call conversations you get to release a little of the pressure and let in some celebration.

It’s liberating. It’s a safe space to both have a laugh and learn more about yourself. 

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Dad Call Lifetime

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