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Here is the journey that Team Super Dad takes you on to create the life you deserve for you and your children. We focus on the 5F’s of Focus, Fitness, Finance, Family and Fun. You can have it all.  Wherever you are challenged you will achieve the breakthroughs you desire. Wherever you are succeeding you will experience the value of inspiring others.  This is the essence of Team Super Dad. With the help of those who have the skills you need, you will fulfil your potential and achieve your dreams.

You are not alone. You are on Team Super Dad.

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Emergency Breakup

The time after a breakup can be challenging. Get guidance and support to take the right steps for a positive future. 

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Rebuild and accelerate your life with other Dads. This 12-week programme will give get you back in the zone and loving life.

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Get focused on creating the Super Dad life you desire. Connect with your children, work and friends. Accelerate your recovery, results and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

All Dads are welcome. Most Dads want a breakthrough somewhere in their life. I talk about divorce because that has been my experience. How I rebuilt my life has been the inspiration for the 5F and Team Super Dad. You will apply this to your life and feel the benefit where you need it most.

The Team Super Dad programme is about getting back in the zone and loving life. We create habits and a mindset for success. Of course you may have some already but we all have weaknesses. Especially after a break up. I lost sight and control of all elements of my life. I needed help and support to get back on track and then rebuild. From my experience I was inspired to create Team Super Dad. We are all different but if you want to shortcut rebuilding your life then the programme and support of other Dads will work for you.

Team Super Dad is not a counselling service. Coaching is about leading someone to a desired goal and destination. Counselling is more about dealing with the problems that have led to a breakdown and/or are the result of that breakdown. Team Super Dad can help you identify whether you need a counsellor. If you have worked with a counsellor then Team Super Dad is the perfect follow on to take your life to the next life.  

Yes, of course. You should request our email newsletter and join the free Team Super Dad – Community on Facebook. The podcast is another great way to connect and have us in your home or car with you! From time to time free courses and social events will be offered to all our contacts. So be sure to be on the Team Super Dad contact list.

Good women are wonderful and when we work together well, we create magic. Team Super Dad is about creating the best life ever for Dad’s and their children. Women are a part of both those things, especially for any man with a daughter! Love and laughter with an awesome partner is something we should all desire.

Yes of course. Not everyone is comfortable in groups or maybe you want to accelerate your progress. One off coaching sessions are available or you can apply to become a 1-2-1 Super Dad coaching client. Book on those links or request a ‘Get To Know You’ call.

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