Emergency Breakup Coaching

There is a time immediately after a separation, divorce or loss which is terrifying. You are dealing with so much loss. Your life feels like it is slipping through your fingers. 

As you frantically grapple with your thoughts and emotions you still need to manage your life, work and children. Do not panic. You will get through this.

Book Emergency Brake Dad Coaching to guide your through this tricky time.

Super Dad REBUILD Programme

Rebuild your life after divorce, separation or loss. A 12 week Super Dad coaching programme with other Dads just like you. You will get back in the Zone, have fun with your children and live the life of your dreams.

It took me 4 years to rebuild after my breakup and breakdown. I was devastated and I made mistakes. The experience inspired me to create the Super Dad REBUILD Programme. Feel great about yourself and get your life back on track  with ongoing mentoring and the fun of connecting with other Super Dads in the inner circle. 

1:1 Super Dad Coaching

It is time to get back in the Zone and live your best life ever. Whether it has been a while or just happened, the becoming a single Dad can be paralysing. It is frightening, lonely and you may feel angry. Such emotions lead to mistakes that hold up your new life. 

If you are Dad that wants to get back on track as quickly as possible then working 1:1 with me, Jonnie Jensen, is the best decision you could possibly make.  You will learn from me and my mentors and get the love an support from an inner circle of Super Dads just like you.