Live Your Best Life Ever

1:1 SuperDad Coaching

I give Dads the confidence to rebuild their life after divorce, separation or loss. Now is time for you to get back in the Zone, have fun with your children and live the life of your dreams.

Dad Coach Jonnie Jensen - Team Super Dad Coaching

Rebuild The Key Areas Of Your Life


Develop healthy habits so that you wake up with energy and a positive attitude. Get fitter and eat right to have more fun with your children.


Feel confident about making more money and loving your work. Learn to manage and grow your wealth better than you have ever have done before.


Create the time, love and routine that your children need. You will have more fun and a closer connection with them than ever before.


Have fun again is core to your new life. Reconnect with your self-belief and confidence. It is time to laugh with friends and fall in love again.

About Super Dad 1:1 Coaching

It is time to get back in the Zone and live your best life ever. Whether it has been a while or just happened, the becoming a single Dad can feel paralysing. It is frightening, lonely and you may feel angry. Such emotions lead to mistakes that hold up your new life. 

If you are Dad that wants to get back on track as quickly as possible then working 1:1 with me, Jonnie Jensen, is the best decision you could possibly make.  You will learn from me and my mentors and get the love an support from an inner circle of Super Dads just like you.

Family - Jonnie Jensen Dad Coach

I only work with a few Dads 1:1 at a time. Apply now and let’s start your best life ever.

Super Dad Testimonials

Working with Jonnie gave me strength and confidence. I've made better decisions and I'm back on track way quicker than I could have done on my own. I have a better routine and adjustments to my lifestyle mean I am feeling better than ever. I really enjoy the banter with other Dads and feeling like I am not on my own.
Team Super Dad Martin Testimonial
Martin Millen
Even though I had been separated for a long time I still felt I wanted to take back control of my life and make sure my kids were happy. Jonnie helped me take a new perspective on the situation. I deal with the ex better and have more fun with my kids than ever before. I'm excited about my future at last.
Team Super Dad Chris Testimonial
Chris Errington
My family breakup is the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. Jonnie has helped me to accept the situation, provide a safe and structured environment for my children, and see that my future is mine to make. I am more confident and positive than I would have been without the support that I have received. I am in touch with many others in my situation and will continue to take advantage of the social elements of Team Super Dad. Life is fun again for me and for my kids.
Team Super Dad Paul Testimonial
Paul Pizzey
Jonnie and his Team Super Dad coaching was a huge boost to me. I was able to gain clarity in a number of areas and achieve results I could not have had on my own. Our work has been fun and brought such a weight of my shoulders. It feels like I have know him for years!
Team Super Dad - Marc Testimonial
Marc Checkley

Do not waste another day. Get back on track.