Team Super Dad is a community and system for your success and happiness.
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The Team Super Dad podcast is like having your mates,  business mentor and favourite comedian in your pocket ready to help you whenever you need them most!

It will help you be a better Dad, succeed at work and take your life to the next level. 

I’ve listened to podcasts for the past 15 years. So many of them dry and boring. I work hard to make sure the Team Super Dad podcast is not.

Take a listen. Suggest people you want on. And of course, leave a review.


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Team Super Dad is a network of Dads, mentors and utterly awesome men. We are not all winning in every area of life but together we keep going and we keep growing.
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The Hero Academy is the ultimate Dad life accelerator.

It is for busy Dads who want more from life. Dads who want passion and appreciation in their relationship. Dads who don’t want to miss their kids matches and dance shows. Dads who want success with their businesses and second streams of income. Dads who want to look great on the outside and feel great on the inside.

Dads who know there must a better way. A way they can have the family, the money and the laughs without being worn out, over worked and under sexed.


"There Must Be A Way"

It’s September 2016. I’m climbing Austria’s highest mountain. It was sunny 10 minutes ago, now I’m crossing a crevasse, roped 5m apart from people i don’t know, in a blizzard. I should be scared but all I keep thinking is “there must be a way to fix this. There must be a way”.

I’m in the middle of a divorce. My business is in trouble. My mental health and confidence are shot. I’ve worked so hard that I’m exhausted. I’m literally burnt out. This wasn’t the plan. This wasn’t the vision I had for my life. Why has this happened to me?

As the blizzard eases, the sun reappears to reveal the mountain retreat we are aiming for. What if this has all been for a reason? What if I am meant to help other Dads? What if every coach, expert and mentor I’ve met was supposed to help me? What if I put them all in group that could help Dads create the life of their dreams?

What if we called it Team Super Dad?

And so I did. And you are here. Now it’s time for you to join 

Join The Hero Academy

Still here?! What are you waiting for?

Look, let’s be straight about this. It is harder than ever to be a man in this World.
Our role, our value, our freedom to act like a man has all been worn away.

We wan’t to be a good Dad and have a wonderful marriage. Of course we do.

We want to have a successful business and make plenty of money. Of course we do.

We want to have fun with our friends and be a little crazy sometimes. You know we do. 

Enough of 2nd best, wishing things were better and wondering how to make it happen. You are not the only Dad that thinks this.

You are not alone. You’re on Team Super Dad.

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Team Super DadHero Academy

The Hero Academy equips Dads to achieve more in life. No more feeling fed up, burnt out and under sexed. 

It is time to create the life you want. 

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